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Residential Pest Control Services

Our top Residential Pest Control Services Near Me that Apache Pest Control uses are highly effective methods to target key areas in your residential home in the interior and exterior.

Ideal for:
residential pest control services weston

Treatment methods for Residential Pest Control Services Weston  include:

  • Report on pest activity in your home.
  • Hot spot treatment at all entry points such as window frames and doors
  • Effective bait system to reduce larvae and adult pests before they come in.
  • Powder application to eliminate pest hiding places.
  • Botanical aerosol to eliminate pests in closets.


residential pest control services near me

What To Know About Our Services

How much does it cost?
Apache Pest Control Services’ trained professionals know that no two homes are the same. Our experts have been trained to “think like a bug” in order to best understand and eliminate your pest problem. Your Apache Pest Control specialist will inspect your home first and provide you a customized and individualized assessment and treatment plan.

Can cover all types of insects?
A free review is needed for termite, bee, bed bug, and rodent control pricing. Our Four Seasons chosen services to incorporate general insects and harder infestations like German roaches, scorpions, fleas, ticks, carpenter ants, argentine ants, Caribbean crazy rodents, and rodents.

Are the extermination treatments and products safe for kids and pets?
In an effort to preserve effective control of pests in and around your house Apache Pest Control utilizes stuff to regions where fleas live, eat and breed. You are able to take comfort in realizing the materials we use, but efficient, are around the very low end of the toxicity scale. It’d be crucial for pets and people to steer clear of contact with treated surfaces until tender. As soon as the treated parts really are sterile you may don’t hesitate to continue life as normal.

What happens during an home inspection?
Our highly trained experts may come to your home and assess it for pest control issues. In the event that you’d like, the contractor may walk around with you personally and explain some other pest actions seen together with experienced remedy. The review will be a totally free service and doesn’t need that you proceed with treatment.

Is a review required?
For instance, bed-bug, bark, and bee remedies, an examination is required first. That really is really that people can mail a tuned professional into your dwelling to provide you an accurate pricing quote. That you do not need an inspection for overall pest control services. You May Find an appointment right away by calling   (954) 665-9206 

When I need a service that requires a residential pest control inspection, just how so on afterward can the procedure be done?
In the majority of cases, we offer same-day appointments. If we’re unable to, then we’ll schedule the very best possible time that is employed with your schedule.

"Absolutely the best experience with this company  when it comes to lawn care services weston. I've used them three times, once for raccoons in our building, the second time for mice and roach infestation and the last service was for COVID-19 sanitization. Each time the rep was very easy to work with, explained the process and costs, and most importantly: It worked!!!! They took care of each issue and it was super simple for us! Highly recommended, we've tried other pest control companies in the area and none of them can compare! Top of the line company and service, all the way around."

- Ron Regalcanecorso,

"Great customer service. Always answering our questions with our garden needs, experienced and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend to anyone with garden,insect and pest issues."

- Samuel Bruno Jr.,

"I hired Apache Pest Control for a severe flee issue I had which a previous company could not fix. Not only did they fix the problem but they followed up weeks after to make sure the problem was permanently fixed. I highly recommend and I look forward to working with them again!"

- Jonathan I.,

"Joel and his team are great to work with. Scheduling is easy, they show up quickly and on time, and their treatments keep bugs out of my house, guaranteed! 10/10 would recommend!"

- Kayla B.,

"I googled exterminators near me Apache was recommended to me from a family friend. Joel and his team were very professional and courteous. They responded quickly and eliminated a roach infestation at one of my rental properties without issues. After numerous poor experiences with other local pest control companies, Apache is my GO-TO moving forward. Highly recommend."

- Eric Kreindel,

"I rarely need pest control services but when I do I call Apache pest control. Fast response time, quality service and great results I catch myself having to call less and less. Haven’t seen bugs since my last service in October. Highly recommended!"

- Alexsandra Alvarez,

"Apache Pest Control provides great fast and reliable service. We love that they offer different packages and options to fit every budget. They are very communicative and provide great customer service! We have definitely found our go-to pest control company!"

- Jessica Gonzalez,

"Joel is the consummate professional who is a pleasure to work with - highly recommend him to service your gardening needs. If you want something done right at a fair price and with complete honesty and professionalism, he is the guy to call. Will turn to him first for all gardening needs from this point forward."

- Carol Eubanks,

"I’ve used Apache Pest Control twice, and would definitely use them again! Joel is knowledgeable, professional, prompt, & courteous, and best of all, he doesn’t try to price gouge you. Joel is who came out for me both times, and he did a fantastic job both times. I highly recommend Apache!"

- Adin Acevedo,